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We are a private equity firm with core investment focus on applied Tech-solutions and Real estate grub-staking, for Tech-innovators and builders with positive economic assessment across West-Africa and the wider Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our mission

“To mobilize the resources and facilitate access to funding for sustainable tech-solutions and mid-scale real estate developments, while simultaneously delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to investors and engendering wealth creation across the continent.”

Our Vision

“To become a household name in the investment industry of Sub-Saharan Africa as well as a preferred partner for tech-innovators and construction builders, seeking access to entrepreneurial development and finance across the region.”

Our Approach

We have clearly-defined goals and targeted results for our clients and partners and we take several deliberate steps to achieve them. Here is our approach system:

1. Growth Financing

We identify and invest in businesses at the edge of growth [scale-up] within our target market with established corresponding market demand trend, strong revenue to growth assessment and sustainable profit margins.

2. Monitoring & Evaluation

Growth financing is not enough; we monitor the progress of the portfolio companies over the stretch of investment period and provide periodic progress reports to our stakeholders on investment status.

3. Mentorship

We do not only leverage on and invest in businesses with potential successful return on investment, we also source, train, and mentor young, creative, and vibrant entrepreneurial individuals with raw market-changing ideas. After passing them through a rigorous vetting and examination processes, we provide them with adequate tools of business management and leadership as well as space within a time period and a clearly-stated result.

4. Impact

Aspens Capital will always give preference to lucrative business ideas with the potential to make a positive social impact. We ensure this by integrating ethical, social, governance and environmental considerations in our investment appraisal and approval processes.

5. Networking

We also encourage organic networking and facilitate spaces where they might occur. Potential investors can meet

Our Services.

We source, develop, invest-in, and leverage talent and networks to service businesses and investors looking to capitalize on the African growth story and its growing real estate, tech, and agricultural sectors.
Capital Market Services

Our private equity services cover the stretch of processes that private equity fund should entail. This includes consultation during the formation stages, investor poaching, fund closings, growth evaluation and reporting. We manage the technical and business aspects and walk founders through the entire process.

Capacity Building

We provide capacity building opportunities in forms of: leadership development, productivity enhancement, critical and analytical skill acquisition, corporate governance and more. Whether it is an individual or an entire organization, this will lead to exponential increase in productivity and goal fruition.

Investment Advisory

Since we work with both founders and investors, we are in a critical position, beyond pairing investors and founders, to provide advice, interpretation, solutions, and provide possible prediction of potential relationships that will take off upon investment. We do our job quite well, if we do say so ourselves.

Events & Activities

Highlights from events & seminars
We are proud to be a part of.

The Perfume Masterclass

We are a proud partner of The Perfume Masterclass.

GEW, Abuja.

We participate at the GEW to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among young innovators.


Morphgen is a community development-focused project by our partners.

Clients & Partners

Some companies & brands we've had the pleasure of working with.

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