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We develop, invest-in & leverage talent to service businesses and investors looking to capitalize on the African growth story.
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Innovation, Investment, Capacity.

Aspens Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2019. We provide capital to promising firms and individuals that exhibit high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake.
We focus on applied Technology solutions and Real estate grubstaking, for Tech-innovators and builders with positive economic assessment across West-Africa and the wider Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that dictate how we conduct ourselves as an organization.
Social Impact

We believe that businesses and projects, in addition to profitability, should create positive social impacts by proffering simple innovative solutions to everyday living challenges. So we reserve a pride of place in our investment consideration for businesses that demonstrate the capacity to deliver positive social benefits.

Longevity and Sustainability

We value long-lasting relationships with our partners and preview potential relationships through this lens. We prioritize sustainability at every step of our business process so as to ensure that our business leverage, investments and relationships are not just profitable but are able to retain prolonged value that stand the test of time.

Ethical Practice

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards obtainable anywhere and expect only that from businesses we invest in. Conformity to industry best practices and rules of corporate governance is our coveted modus operandi at Aspens.


Excellence or potential excellence are things we look out for. While we strive to maintain a culture of excellence in our business approach, we also give special consideration to businesses with a track record of excellence in our investment preference. We are also willing to imbibe the spirit of excellence in growing business but only those that are open to it.


In this world of vibrant and solutions-creating technology, Aspens is driven by a firm belief in the essence of Information and communication technology, with the embedded economic prospects. So, wherever possible, we will give preference to investments that demonstrate as part of their objectives, a disruptive adaptation of ICT and tech solutions for value creation and sustainable economic benefits.


Aspens will invest in companies with strong and capable leadership that has the composite skill pool for effective execution, clear strategic vision with compelling goals, commensurate industry exposure/information, who are transparent and have the potential to move the company forward.

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